HD25 Onboard Albers Aerospace Sandstorm UAS

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In 2020, the Sandstorm/Longshot UAS program was developed to provide the US Air Force with a cost-conscious training solution that leverages commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and high-fidelity simulation to provide low-cost, high-quality training for military pilots. The program combines a ground-based simulator with a small UAV that replicates the cockpit and controls of a larger aircraft. This allows pilots to train in a realistic environment at a fraction of the cost of traditional training methods. Albers Aerospace supplies the program with its Sandstorm UAS. The UAS has interchangeable payload options for industry-leading gimbaled cameras like Trillium’s HD25, to provide high-resolution imaging for simulated surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

As the founding product of Trillium Engineering, the HD25 is the smallest imaging system with uncompromised capabilities. Its competitive edge comes from the incorporation of technology found in larger systems that are fitted into a 2.5-inch class stabilized EO/IR gimbaled camera. Mission-proven for military and commercial applications, Trillium’s HD25 has best-in-class robustness with embedded video processing for accurate, real-time vehicle and target location. Trillium imaging systems are equipped with SkyLink software and field-upgradable firmware, which sets the standards for stability, frame-by-frame review, post-mission analysis, and class-leading geolocation. The HD25 offers intuitive control and reliable communications, making it an excellent choice for any application that requires a dependable imaging system.

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